Studies have found that typical use of condoms leads to a very high failure rate in preventing pregnancy. It has been found that with typical use, over the period of a year, for every 100 women using condoms for birth control, 18 of them will become pregnant.

A False Sense of Security

Condoms are often promoted as a solution to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. However, condoms fail even when used and stored exactly as recommended. Here is a list of possible failures:

  • One out of 100 fail because of slipping during or after sex
  • Two out of 100 break due to latex degradation from:
    • Usage past the expiration date
    • Improper storage
    • Exposure to oils
  • Two out of 100 condoms show no breaks or leaks, but semen is still detectable in the woman.
  • Even when using a condom PERFECTLY (applying, using and removing exactly as the CDC recommends every time there is sexual contact), two out of 100 women still become pregnant, and there is still a signi´Čücant risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.
  • The AIDS virus is only 0.1 micron in size... 50 times smaller than the voids (holes) in rubber...the virus can readily pass through a condom.