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Profile: Cathy McMillan



What a story was being written by God as we received the devastating news that we could have no children. As an only child, I had the desire to have many children until I allowed a doctor’s verdict to “shatter my dreams”. Even though I had never known a day in my life I did not love Him, I was not mature enough in my faith to realize that “shattered dreams” are God’s canvas to create His image within my heart. He was gracious to me and put up with much grumbling and complaining from “my perspective of His mistake”. Since I taught elementary school, I saw some children who were obviously loved and cared for. Others had not seen their mother in a day or two and cared for themselves or had an older sibling try to meet their needs. I really “let God have it” and tried my best to convince Him I would take care of my children. These parents were not doing their job, yet “they” had a house full of “unwanteds”! “How could this be?” was my daily cry.


We were transferred to Tampa, FL from Denver, CO and the first neighbor we met was expecting her first child. That was hard for me. Little did I know what was just around the corner of my situation! In Tampa, my first teaching position was in a private kindergarten with a four year old class. One little girl in particular captured my heart quickly. We were about to move into a house and out of our apartment where the pregnant friend and I had become very close. As God would have it our new neighbors-to-be were the parents of this precious little 4 year old student, and Stephanie was adopted! Carol and Jim were waiting for a second child from the same agency. My husband was a bit slow in accepting “my new vision”, but he came around, and seven months later “our son” was born from God to us! Thankfully, he made it, for just 5 months later Roe v Wade could have destroyed him.


Three months after his birth I had a “virus” which came and went—such an odd thing, which I attributed to all the work it takes to being a mother! That first friend- who was pregnant when I met her- said to me quite confidently ”You are just as pregnant as can be.” I said “No. The doctor said that was impossible.” Then it hit me vividly: my shattered dream might now be “whole”, for God showed me in His time and His way how He chooses to work with His children .Soon her ob-gyn confirmed my friend’s diagnosis!! Our daughter was born 5 days after her brother celebrated his first birthday!


This is when God set me on a pro-life venture which has intensified with age. How precious of Him to give us a total of five children, letting me have that “virus” four times. By the time the second “virus” was about to be born in 1978, we moved to Clinton and realized the clinic recommended to me also performed abortions. This concerned me greatly. We became active in our pro-life stand and the third “virus” was delivered by Dr. Bill Sutherland, Dr. Beverly McMillan's pro-life partner. The fourth and final “virus” arrived by the precious hands of Dr. McMillan, who literally prayed over us.


Many days all seven of our family were forming a line at the several abortion mills still operating in the Jackson area, praying and counseling. My husband was arrested once with Roy McMillan (good cell mate!) during an Operation Rescue sit-in. We are blessed to continue to participate in God’s plan of life for all. After hearing Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived in an assault rape, speak on January 22, 2011, at Belhaven University, I am better able to answer those in my circles who believe rape or incest are valid reasons to end life. Yes, even in the “hard cases”, God has a beautiful plan.


I praise God for shattering and expanding my dreams according to His plan for me. I thank Him that He did not leave me alone to be wise in my own eyes and miss the abundance of His love, His way and in His time.


There is no doubt in my heart that God is pro-life!


Gen. 1:28; 9:1 Prov. 14: 12, 15


Cathy McMillan