Pro-Life Mississippi District Chapters

Pro-Life Mississippi is organizing into a true State-wide Pro-Life organization. PLM has divided the state into 7 Districts. Pro-Life Mississippi District Chapters will bring local residents together to organize events best suited for their area.

Each autonomous district works within the State By-laws for overall unified governing ensuring all 7 Districts represent the same PLM message to their local community and to their city and state officials. Click here to view our PLM Mission Statement.

As each District forms, the truth of the sacredness of life will spread, our voice for life-issues will grow stronger, and a culture of life will overcome the culture of death.

PLM District Liaison
Janis Lane
601-956-8636 ext. 3

On the PLM District Map above, the established districts have a full name, click on the names to find out more information about those specific areas. If you live in an area without an established district and want to start one, please call District Liaison Janis Lane for more information or complete the contact form.

As PLM grows, we encourage pro-life residents in these two areas to get involved by contacting the Board Presidents:

The Gulf Coast District (7) - covers the Gulf Coast counties from Hattiesburg south to the Gulf.

The Northwest District (1) – covers the Northwest counties from I-55 to the MS River, from Vaiden to Southaven.

Remember, PLM is committed to changing our Culture from one of death to a Culture of Life! We can do this by ensuring all 7 Districts are representing the same PLM message to the local community and to our elected officials as one unified voice for the pre-born and the elderly!