Les Riley

"Arise, O LORD; O God, lift up thine hand: forget not the humble. . .Thou hast seen it; for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to requite it with thy hand: the poor committeth himself unto thee; thou art the helper of the fatherless." -- Psalm 10:12, 14

In 1991, Christy and I (along with our then three children) were living a relatively quiet, "normal" life in Horn Lake, Mississippi. We had both "walked the aisle, and said the prayer" as children, but had just recently come to really know and walk with the Lord. We found out that there was an abortion clinic just a few miles from our home in Southaven.

We began to go down once or twice a week to pray and reach out to the abortion bound moms. We met many Believers during this time, including Roy and Beverly McMillian, Bill and Harriet Ashley, Bruce Stuckey and others. We developed a real "kinship" and working relationship with these folks because the abortionist/ owner of the Southaven mill, "Dr" Tommy Tucker also killed in Jackson as well as his home in Alabama.

We got involved with Operation Rescue and became more deeply involved in pro life work on a number of fronts -- sidewalk counseling, rescues, life chains, memorial services, rallies at churches, and helping to start a Sav-A-Life CPC. Eventually, through a miraculous series of events, "Dr" Tucker lost his license, God closed the abortion mill in Southaven, and a church bought it.

We continued to be involved in sidewallk counseling and rescue in Memphis and beyond for a number of years after that, but it became more sporadic as the years passed -- we moved further out in the country and God continued to fill our quiver (eventually giving us 10 living children and at least 3 in heaven) and brought us one child (so far) through adoption. Christy became more focused on being a "keeper at home" and handling the bulk of our children's home education. I ran for political office and spent time researching and writing. Through my involvement with the Constitution Party I met Howard Phillips and heard him make the statement that for "legal" abortion to end, a government official or state could publicly declare the Personhood of the unborn, and thus, drive a stake in the heart of Roe.

So, after several years of studying the Scripture and researching the Constitution I began to write about states rights and abortion and seek an office holder or candidate who would have the authority and the will to publicly declare Personhood, shut the abortion industry down, and challenge Federal usurpation/ Judicial fiat. When none could be found, I contacted my friend Steve Crampton in 2004 and we began what became Personhood Mississippi. In the process we have gotten reacquainted with many old friends and God has blessed us to make many new ones. We have gotten back involved sidewalk counseling in Memphis, and promoting adoption and orphan care. We are trusting God to eventually bring child killing to and end and call His church out of her apathy.

Les Riley

Persohood Mississippi Founder

Pro-Life Mississippi Board Member