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The long-awaited movie "Unplanned" opens in more theaters than ANY Christian film EVER on March 29! Find your theater here:

Unplanned is the inspiring true story of one woman’s journey of transformation from the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic director in the nation to one of the most ardent pro-life speakers in America.


You Are Cordially Invited to PLM’s Annual Spring Banquet & Silent Auction!

Speaker: Abraham Hamilton III

Abraham Hamilton III serves as General Counsel and Public Policy Analyst for the American Family Association. He also hosts “The Hamilton Corner” on American Family Radio’s “Urban Family Talk” program Monday through Friday at 5 pm CST.

  • Where:
       First Baptist Jackson
       431 North State St.
       Jackson, MS
  • When:
      Thursday, April 11th
  • Reservations:
      Underwriter Levels receive up to 2 tables
    • Gold - $2,000
    • Diamond - $1,500
    • Ruby - $1,000
    • Silver - $750
    • Bronze - $500
    • Table Sponsor - $200
    • Individual Ticket - $25

All tables seat eight people. This event is a Fundraiser for Pro-Life Mississippi. A donation will be requested at the end of the evening.


March 6 - April 14, 2019 Closing Event Sunday, April 14th at 3:00 PM


God and 40 Days for Life

By Tammy Tillman

I truly believe God has put me in my job as office manager of the PLM office for me to be able to do His work through Him. Last year my family decided to look for a new church, and amazingly we found our new church home, Grace Baptist Church in Brandon, through my son. I had been praying that God would lead him back to church for a long time. My son called me one Friday, and told me about being invited to a revival by some of the men from his work. I was so happy he wanted to go to any church that I told him we would be there with bells on. We attended the revival every night but one. By the end, my oldest grand-daughter and daughter-in-law were both baptized. Two weeks later the whole family transferred our membership to Grace Baptist. I knew it was the right church when the pastor spoke against abortion from the pulpit and when he joined me and a few others for the closing event of 40 Days for Life Fall 2018 campaign - in the rain!

When it was time for the 2019 Spring 40 Days for Life campaign, I went to the pastor and asked if he would be willing to have our church commit to cover one day to pray at the sidewalk. He was willing! He even asked me to speak to the congregation about the project the next Sunday before he gave his sermon.

I obtained a promotional video from 40 Days for Life and laid out all the paperwork in the back of the church for people to sign up. But when I got up to introduce the video, there was a problem with the equipment. I suddenly found myself having to step up and give the information myself. I said, no problem, God. I know about 40 Days for Life! I told my church it entails 40 days of prayer and fasting, asking God to end abortion and forgive our nation. We had been studying on Wednesday night about how God will reveal to you where He is working so you may join Him. So I told them the story of how one year when I went to get the city permit for 40 Days for Life, the pro-aborts were there applying for a permit also. I overheard them talking about how they hated 40 Days for Life because so many of the women didn’t come back to have the abortion after encountering Christians praying in front of the abortion facility. I told my Church that God was inviting them to come join Him on the sidewalk. I had about 12 people sign up that day.

A little over a week later PLM board member Laura Uecker sent me an email. It was about a first-time participant from Madison who shared with her how she went to church with her grandmother one Sunday and heard me talk about 40 Days for Life. She felt God tugging on her heart but she was afraid. The next Sunday, her church also had a signup table for 40 Days for Life, and she knew she could no longer ignore the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Despite being fearful of what to expect, she spent her hour in prayer and told Laura how glad she was that she had came.

I, too, am so happy God is leading me and using me to do His work. Please consider joining God in His work during the remaining 40 Days for Life - and beyond - if God is calling you.


Governor Phil Bryant Signs Mississippi’s “Heartbeat Bill”

On Thursday, March 21, surrounded by many of the state senators and representatives who championed the legislation, Governor Phil Bryant signed into law Mississippi’s “Heartbeat” bill. Similar to a law passed earlier this month in Kentucky, the statute bans abortion once a baby’s heartbeat can be detected, about six weeks into the pregnancy.

President of Pro-Life Mississippi Laura Duran, who was present at the bill-signing, is hopeful that this law, certain to be challenged by pro-abortion advocates, will make its way to the Supreme Court. “The hope of pro-Life Mississippi is that the Supreme Court would be forced to review - and overturn - the unscientific and deadly 1973 Roe v Wade decision. To that end, we solicit the prayers of all our pro-life supporters.”

Currently, Mississippi law bans abortions after 20 weeks, when scientists acknowledge that the baby can feel pain. In the state’s only freestanding abortion facility, which does not meet the standards for an outpatient surgical center, abortions are prohibited after 16 week to safeguard the health of the mother.


Check out our new digital billboard design that will be showing next month across from UMMC on North State Street.