June 2018 E-Newsletter

Justice Anthony Kennedy Steps Down Creating Vacancy on Supreme Court

For 30 years Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has been an unreliable “swing” vote on abortion. Due to Justice Kennedy’s retirement, President Trump will have an opportunity to appoint a strong pro-life justice to the bench. Pro-Life Mississippi is hopeful that the President will honor the statement he made in the final presidential debate in 2016: “I am pro-life, and I will be appointing pro-life judges.”

Although we expect a fierce political battle, we are hopeful that a pro-life judge who shares the values of the majority of Americans can be seated and that the matter of abortion can be regulated by the legislative voice of the people, and not by judicial decree.

Biking for Babies
Pasta Dinner &
July 9, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
DaySpring Community Church - Clinton, MS

Biking for Babies has finalized their 2018 Mississippi riding schedule. The Southern Team leaves from Tylertown, Mississippi on Sunday, July 8, and will be bunking down for the night at DaySpring Community Church in Clinton on Monday night, July 9. DaySpring and Pro-Life Mississippi are hosting a Pasta Dinner & Meet-N-Greet that evening at 7:00 p.m. at the church, located at 1100 Business Park Drive. There is no cost for the event but a love offering will be taken up that night. All donations will go to Biking for Babies, who in turn support local pro-life ministries.

This year, four biking teams will ride across America to converge in St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday, July 15. Their purpose is to raise public awareness of the sanctity of unborn human life as well as raising donations to support pregnancy help centers and pro-life ministries. Each biker is riding to represent a particular pro-life group. The Southern Team has selected Alabama native Joseph Garland to support Pro-Life Mississippi.

Joseph Garland - Riding for PLM

Joseph’s Story:

Joseph is a 20 year old young man from Mobile, Alabama, currently studying mechanical engineering at the University of South Alabama. Born and raised Catholic, he states he has always been pro-life. He found out about Biking for Babies during his freshman year at college at a FOCUS youth conference called “Seek”. Since he had recently discovered both mountain biking and road cycling, he thought it would be an awesome way to combine his pro-life convictions with his love of biking. Unfortunately, life got in the way that year and he didn’t do it. Fast forward to 2018. As a sophomore, Joseph said, “I’m all in!” He also says, “I know with time this movement will catch on, and it will benefit everyone. That’s why I joined the group. I want to see more people on the side of life.”

PLM President Laura Duran is very excited to again welcome Biking for Babies to Mississippi: "Come join us on Monday July 9 at DaySpring and meet Joseph and the rest of the young people on his team. Enjoy the food, fellowship and testimonies of the next generation of Pro-life warriors. Encourage them as they continue their journey to Clarksdale, MS, Memphis, TN, and St. Louis, MO."

Please RSVP to 601-956-8636 or plm@prolifemississippi.org so we can make sure there is enough food for everyone.

Life Mission Team Handbook

Pro-Life Mississippi is an organization of diverse and caring Christians. We feel the key to the success of our mission is to motivate into action the churches of Mississippi. So to help the churches PLM is offering a Life Mission/Team Handbook to all churches. For more information contact our Church Liaison, Laura Uecker at 601-956-8636 or plm@prolifemississippi.org. You can also download a flyer about starting a Life missions team at your church by clicking here.


Come pray outside the abortion clinic

  1. Go to ProLifeMississippi.org
  2. Click the Signup Genius link at the top of the page.
  3. Follow the instructions to select your one hour time slot to pray outside the abortion clinic.
  4. Do this 1 time. You will then receive a signup email weekly.

Thank you for your presence. Together we can save lives!

One man’s opinion.......Letters from a father of an aborted baby.

Pro Life Mississippi received unsolicited letters from a father expressing his regret over taking part in an abortion. As part of his healing process he gave his approval for PLM to use the letters in an effort to defend the most defenseless-the unborn child. He wrote a letter to his aborted baby and another letter addressed to the mother of the aborted baby. PLM is designing a brochure to share his story using his words from the letters.

Below are the scanned letters we received.

Hand Written Letters

The following is from the hand written letters by this gentleman in Word format. PLM has not edited these letters beyond emphasis added to certain comments. Capitalized words were capitalized in the original letters.

Transposed Letters