May 2018 E-Newsletter

Documents Show MSU Spent Almost $13,000.00 to Bring Abortionist Dr. Willie Parker to Campus

When PLM discovered that Mississippi State University’s Gender Studies Department was sponsoring a campus address by abortionist Dr. Willie Parker entitled ”Abortion - The Christian Case for Choice” and offering extra credit to students who attended the event, we immediately contacted the administration. One of our concerns was that only one side - the pro-abortion side - of the abortion debate was being given a hearing. The other concern was that our Mississippi tax dollars were being used to fund a biased presentation to the students.

PLM’s concerns turned out to be legitimate. No pro-life speaker was included in this “educational” event to counter-balance or challenge Dr. Parker’s anti-life arguments. Although the MSU Students for Life organization was able to engage a pro-life speaker for the week following Dr. Parker’s talk, they had no university funding, advertising or offer of extra credit for attendance at their events.

In response to PLM’s Freedom of Information request, we received the following financial information from MSU detailing the university’s monetary support of Dr. Parker’s visit:

  • $607.33 Procard Event Operations Group – Professional Development fees
  • $190 Gender Studies – Delmar Lamber – building rental
  • $164 Gender Studies Reception for Dr. Parker – Other Rentals
  • $10,000 Dr. Willie Parker – Instructional Service Fees
  • $1,950 Law Enforcement Services

Refer to our web page for our correspondences with MSU and the ledger entries they forwarded to us - and the flyer advertising Dr. Parker’s talk.

Walk for Life
If you did not take part you missed out on a great time!


Saturday April 28th was an unusually beautiful spring morning in northeast Jackson - perfect for Pro-Life Mississippi’s annual Walk for Life. More than 60 participants gathered in the parking lot of St. Richard Catholic School where they were welcomed by PLM President Laura Duran and given t-shirts and balloons. PLM’s long time friend, Reserve Deputy Colvin Mann, gave the group a safety briefing, Father Lincoln Dall gave them a blessing, then they were off on the two mile trek to Mississippi’s last abortion clinic. When they arrived, PLM board member Ron Nederhoed was waiting with bottles of cold water. Pastor Elijah Friedeman led the group in prayer and song before they released their balloons in honor of all the babies who have lost their lives to abortion. Then it was back on the road to St. Richard, where the Knights of Columbus had brunch waiting. Prizes were given to the team and individual raising the most money. Once again David Dabney captured first place as the top individual fundraiser. The award for top team contributor went to Catholic Charities’ awesome group, the Hams. However, the true winners are the young women and babies who will benefit from the work PLM will be able to do with the $7,388 that was raised from this event.


Come pray outside the abortion clinic

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Signup Genius link at the top of the page.
  3. Follow the instructions to select your one hour time slot to pray outside the abortion clinic.
  4. Do this 1 time. You will then receive a signup email weekly.

Thank you for your presence. Together we can save lives!

Biking for Babies 2018 National Ride
JULY 8-15, 2018

Summer is approaching and once again youthful Biking for Babies teams will be cycling across America, raising awareness of the sanctity of human life, and raising money for pro-life groups and pregnancy resource centers along their routes. Since 2012, Pro-Life Mississippi has worked with their Southern Team, hosting meet and greet dinners and providing overnight accommodations for them as they traveled through Jackson. To that end we are in the process of making plans for a Meet-N-Greet Dinner in Clinton, MS this year which will be their first stop on their long journey. Once all the details are worked out we will send out an email with the date, time and place of the Meet-N-Greet Dinner.