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Pro-life Mississippi will provide literature displays for churches and businesses which contain the following:



If you know of someone who is under the age of 18 and they are being told they have to have an abortion you can provide them with the Justice Foundation Letter and the paperwork to be faxed to the abortion facility. No matter what age the mother is NO one can force her to abort her baby.


Below is some of the brochures our volunteers handout on the sidewalk:


Pro-Life Speakers


Dr. Beverly McMillan

Tanya Britton

Ashley Sigrest


Brian Alexander

Veronica Naylor




Pro-Life Mississippi is happy to offer a pro-life coloring book for children. The coloring book has 31 pages consisting of pages to color, cross word puzzles, word search, mazes, and more. Contact our office if you would like to get get a pro-life coloring book already printed or you can download and print them yourself just by clicking the picture and it will take you to the coloring book file.


Physicians For Life Mississippi has put together a booklet on abstinence that every teen should read. To download the booklet just click the picture. If you whould like to get some booklets for your doctor's office, youth groups, or schools just contact our office.

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