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                    December 2014 E-Newsletter

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   Table of Contents

         Life Line
   Year to Date 2014

  • Babies Saved: 41
  • Literature packets offered: 1,700
  • Office referrals: 24
  • Gift Bags given to mothers: 41



28th Annual Candlelight Prayer Vigil - January 17, 2015, 6 pm

40 Days for Life - February 18 - March 29, 2015

PLM Spring Banquet & Silent Auction - April 23, 2015

Walk 4 Life - May 9, 2015 7 am

40 Days for Life - September 23 - November 1, 2015

candle 28th Annual Pro-Life Mississippi
Candlelight Prayer Vigil

What: 28th Annual Pro-Life Mississippi Candlelight Prayer Vigil
Where: First Floor Rotunda at the Mississippi State Capitol Building on High Street in Jackson
When: Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 6 p.m.

        Please consider this to be your invitation to attend this most solemn event. Prayer is the foundation on which all of our other pro-life endeavors must be built. Mississippi still has only one abortion clinic in the entire state. Join us as we pray that 2015 will be the year that Mississippi becomes the first state to be abortion clinic free!
        Pastors, if you would like to participate, please contact Rev. Doug Lane, Director of Pastors For Life Mississippi through the Pro Life Mississippi office.


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Save the date:

April 23, 2015

          The PLM Spring Banquet will be held April 23, 2015 at First Baptist Church of Jackson, 431 N. State St.
        The silent auction will open at 5:00 P.M. and the banquet will begin at 6:30. The menu as always will be the delicious fare offered by First Baptist. Underwriters and table sponsorships are greatly encouraged. Call the PLM office for info.

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Need a Stocking Stuffer?

          On necklaces, on bracelets,
on precious hands and feet pins,
on t-shirts and bumper stickers...
Oops... we ran out of rhyme...
...but not out of time!!!
hurry over to the PLM office at 114 Office Park Plaza, Suite B, in Jackson for last minute pro-life and purity gifts and stocking stuffers which will not disappoint, or order by phone.

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Pure Life - Pure Power Youth Conference

        Pro-Life Mississippi and Crossroads of Life Church of God in Byram will be partnering to host a Youth Purity Conference, beginning with the first Wednesday in February and continuing every Wednesday through the first week in March, 2015.
        Topics for discussion will include Abstinence, Purity of both mind and body, Birth Control, Abortion, God's design for the family, and True Worth. There will also be an “Open Forum, Closed Door” Q&A meeting – Youth can anonymously ask any questions they have, and will receive answers from a Christian perspective. Parents are invited to meet with conference hosts prior to the events.
        All junior high and high school aged youth are invited to attend. Space is limited. To reserve seating for your children or youth group, call the PLM office at 601-956-8636. The Church is located at 6775 Siwell Rd. in Byram and Wednesday night service runs from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.

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40 Days

        Celebrating its 10th year anniversary, 40 Days for Life is a grass roots effort launched in 2004 in College Station, Texas, and has grown to an international phenomenon. This fall, 297 cities in 11 countries conducted 40 Days for Life prayer campaigns, with confirmed reports of 546 babies saved.
        The national headquarters for 40 Days for Life is moving into a new office space. Miraculously, the new space is the former College Station Planned Parenthood facility, which permanently closed this year. Hallelujah!!!
        The Jackson, Mississippi 40 Days for Life Campaign, sponsored by PLM for the last six years, has had the privelege to be a part of 108 babies saved during that time. PLM president Dana Chisholm proclaimed the 40 day prayer vigil a true success, with seven mothers choosing life for their babies rather than going through with their planned abortion. "There may have been more women who chose life due to our prayer witness," she said, "but these seven were confirmed. The moms were given gift bags of baby items, literature about pregnancy help centers, and left the clinic. And these are not just numbers. As 40 Days for Life Campaign Director Shawn Carney reminds us, these are seven 'individual human beings, and their moms, their dads, their grandparents, brothers and sisters. Each time a mother says "yes" to life, the impact is profound.' Our prayers were truly answered."
        "If this can happen in Texas, it can happen in Mississippi," said Dana Chisholm. "Let's be inspired to keep praying and witnessing at the Jackson abortion mill and witness what our God can do here."

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Is PLM making a difference?

         In a time when Christian core values are challenged on every side, what shall we do? We, like Joshua, fight the ground war, knowing that the real battle is in the spiritual realm, and Jesus has already conquered all! We are shining the truth of His light into the darkness!
This year our volunteer sidewalk counselors at the abortion clinic helped 41 women change their mind and chose life for their babies. We also referred 24 women to the CPC who had called our office looking for the abortion clinic.
         We had a good turnout for the 2014 Candlelight Vigil. About 250 people converged at the state Capitol to pray for an end to abortion in Mississippi.
         Judge Roy Moore, “The Ten Commandments Judge,” was the keynote speaker at the Pastor's for Life Luncheon, drawing in about 100 pastors and church representatives from across the state.
         Both the Spring and Fall 40 Days for Life Campaigns were well attended. We know that the presence of praying Christians makes a difference in the number of women who change their mind about going through with their abortion!
         The 2014 Spring Banquet was a big success. The keynote speaker, Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr., delivered an inspiring message. Our Master of Ceremonies, Brad McMullan, did such a fine job that we are going to have him back again next year.
         On May 31st, PLM sponsored a fun family event, a four mile Walk 4 Life. About 75 walkers and volunteers met at St. Richard Catholic Church to walk two miles to Mississippi's last abortion clinic. There they released ballons in remembrance of the babies who have died. After praying, the walkers returned to the church and were served a delicious brunch by the St. Richard's Kinghts of Columbus. Ashley Sigrest was awarded first place for the most money raised: $1,630!!!
         PLM was blessed with youth support in 2014. Biking for Babies, Created Equal, and Students for Life all sponsored events in Jackson this year. It does a heart good to see the next generation taking up the torch to lead the fight for Life!
         We were excited to launch Physicians for Life this year headed up by Dr. Beverly McMillan. We sent letters to every doctor in the state asking them to sign a pledge not to perform or refer for abortions. So far, 82 physicians have returned their pledges, but with over 5,000 doctors in our state, there is still much work to be done.
         Local Jackson Attorney Steve Thornton, and Allison Aranda with Life Legal Defense Foundation have provided critical legal support for Mississippi's beleagured Sidewalk Counselors. Their First Amendment rights to free speech on Jackson sidewalks have been seriously curtailed over the past several years by harrassment by the Jackson Police Department.
         One of our largest annual outreach projects is the PLM booth at the State Fair. Large numbers of people stop by to see Pro-Life displays, baby models, and literature and often tell us how we helped change their lives. The 2014 Fair Booth debuted our new children's coloring books and teen sexual purity booklets, both aimed at teaching the next generation to respect God's plan for their life. Copies are available on our website or through the Pro-Life office.
         So yes, we are working hard to be a light in a dark world, and you are a part of that light!

By Dana Chisholm

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Reflections from the Fair

          Every year PLM hosts a booth in the Trademart at Mississippi's State Fair, and every year I make it a point to volunteer my time, standing there and talking to whomever will talk to me. True, it is a ministry opportunity, but it's also my time each year to recharge and get back some of what being a pro-lifer can take out of you. I say that because it's a time when we can directly interact with people, and sometimes get to see the impact we make in individual's lives.
         I always have an interesting or rewarding story to take away from the fair, but this year top honors in that category go to my 15 year old son. Christopher was raised in this ministry, and is a large part of why I got involved. He has spent time as an infant with his mother as she sidewalk counseled, sat through long boring board meetings at the PLM office with his father, and in more recent years has enjoyed staffing the Fair Booth with me.
         This year, when he stepped away from the booth for a few minutes, a young girl approached him. She recognized him from their conversation when she visited the booth last year, and wanted to show him pictures of her new baby. Think about that for a moment - She had no cues to recognize Chris since he wasn't at the booth, yet he had made such a significant impression a year earlier that she was able to pick him out of a crowd and stopped to talk to him again.
         It's rewarding when we get to make an impact on the people we minister to, but it's much more rewarding to see we've made an impression on our children. For all the things we get wrong as parents, it's very refreshing to know that every once in a while we get something right. This is certainly a #ProudDad moment.
         Abortion will end when the church says it will end, but who is the church? The simple answer is that we are. We also have to realize that we are raising up the next generation of the church, and it will be whatever we allow it to become. If we raise our children in the love of God and teach them the truth of His word, we have hope. If not... how many times did God allow Israel to fall from grace and nearly destroy themselves?
         We must be a light not only to those hearts we seek to change, but also to the hearts still being molded in our own homes.


By Brian Alexander

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National Kickoff for “Let My People Go”
held in Jackson.

         Black pro-life leaders from across the country gathered in Jackson for "Operation: Let My People Go" to expose the racial root of abortion that has led to black genocide. A press conference held at the clinic was boycotted by the media. Deathscorts (abortion clinic volunteers) yelled "You brought these black men here to commit black on black violence." This came from black women defending a place that murders predominantly black children. Ironically, a sign hanging on the clinic fence reads "Black Lives Matter."
         PLM and Pastors For Life Mississippi were proud to partner with Operation Save America (OSA) for this national kickoff event to come along side the minority community in America to emphasize the devastating effects that abortion is having on minorities.
         Evening rallies, daily outreaches to the clinic, college campuses and other venues, and a pastors luncheon highlighted the week. We are hopeful that good seed has been planted and will bear fruit in the ending of legalized abortion in Mississippi.
         Please be praying for churches of all races and denominations to join with us in this valiant struggle. If you would like more information, you can contact Pastors For Life Mississippi through the PLM office.

By Rev. Doug Lane

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Just WHO IS the abortionist at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO)?


Pray that Bruce Norman, MD will stop coming to Mississippi and killing our unborn children.

         For years, Joseph Booker, MD performed abortions at the JWHO abortion clinic on State Street, but he came to Jackson with a questionable history. He had been run off the coast for stashing aborted babies in ice chests and keeping them in storage units. The stench led to the shocking discovery when he was spending time in prison for felony tax evasion. Then, while abortionist at JWHO, Booker was sued by a young woman and her husband for malpractice, and lost, when a blood infection after her abortion resulted in a month-long coma at UMMC, and sterility. Her husband missed too much work because of caring for her and lost his job. Booker was found dead in his home at the age of 69 on November 25, 2013. Autopsy revealed he had suffered a stroke and was discovered in his own bath tub.
         So who has replaced this abortionist of questionable history and reputation? Listed in court records as “Dr. Doe” to obscure his real identity, Bruce Elliot Norman, MD, has a long history of partnering with Diane Derzis, former owner of multiple abortion clinics throughout the south, including Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama as well as the State Street clinic in Jackson.
         The following is a short revue of his medical practice as the abortionist at the New Woman All Women Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama as extracted from medical records just prior to his coming to Jackson:
         On November 11, 2011, a patient was 17 weeks pregnant, weighed 230 pounds, had high blood pressure and history of two Cesarean Sections. Norman failed to sign the medication order and a wrong dose was given. Pitocin was ordered, but the patient was not monitored, violating patient care standards. Norman finally completed the dilation and extraction dismemberment abortion with forceps and suction. The patient called two days later complaining of “unbearable pain” and she was referred to the emergency room of a local hospital. No one from the clinic notified the hospital of her situation. The hospital staff then performed a dilation and curettage abortion to remove the fetal tissue left inside, a second abortion required due to physician incompetence.
         Another patient received her abortion and was released, but there was no record of a discharge condition and her vital signs had been scribbled over. The patient called later in the day because of heavy bleeding, but there was no documentation that her call was returned. Again, 13 days later, she called but, again, there was no evidence in the medical record that anyone returned her call. Norman was later contacted by the hospital that this patient was in the Intensive Care Unit.
         On November 30, 2011 a patient received a surgical abortion but called the clinic back later with complaints of severe abdominal pain. She was referred to the hospital ER, but no one called the hospital about her condition. They discovered she was suffering an ectopic pregnancy, with the fetus growing in the fallopian tube, a condition that should have been discovered by the required pre-abortion ultrasound. It should have been noticed that her uterus was empty and that she was in a life-threatening situation.
         Another medical record showed that a patient was sent home with a prescription for the very medication to which she was allergic, documentation revealed. That outcome could have been devastating, had the patient not noticed the error.
         The final straw at the Birmingham NWAW clinic on January 21, 2012 was the day that two abortion patients were carried out by paramedics because the gurneys could not fit the stairs. A 911 recording reveals Derzis requesting an ambulance, for two patients, both for receiving accidental overdoses of Vasopressin, which is used to treat low blood pressure from massive blood loss. It had been administered by an unqualified staff person. Norman was the abortionist on duty, and held no hospital admission privileges in Birmingham.
         As a result, the Alabama Department of Public Health inspected the New Women All Women Clinic and uncovered 76 pages worth of violations, including untrained staff, poorly maintained equipment, sloppy record keeping and falsified documents. It was also discovered that at least eight women were hospitalized after receiving abortions at NWAW-- seven of which were patients of Bruce Norman. Almost one in five of the women represented by the 44 medical records inspected during that March 1, 2012 survey were hospitalized for abortion complications. The critical need for a physician to have hospital admission privileges was evidenced by these seven patients, who were transferred or referred for hospital treatment and were not forewarned by Norman or clinic staff that a patient was on the way. Time is of the essence in such serious, life-threatening cases, and having to waste valuable time to problem-solve, ask questions and run time-consuming tests to rule out possibilities if the woman is unable or too ashamed to explain the problem, can result in death.
         The Alabama Department of Public Health ordered NWAW closed. Appeals failed and Derzis and Norman agreed that they would not pursue abortion business in Birmingham. Despite the agreement, Norman reopened NWAW deceptively as a “doctor’s office” and continued to do abortions. In August, 2013, Judge Joseph L. Boohaker issued a Permanent Injunction against abortionist Bruce Norman. Facing stern discipline for incompetence and negligence, Norman allowed his Alabama medical license to lapse. The facility went up for sale in March, 2014.
         Norman’s medical license is from Georgia but lists an address that is actually an empty lot in Ft. Mill, South Carolina. He no longer holds a license in South Carolina.
         Thus, Bruce Norman came to Mississippi, and took up the role as primary abortionist after Joseph Booker’s termination from JWHO in July, 2010. Continuing his dangerous Alabama tradition, on August 18, 2013, Bruce Norman sent another patient to the hospital, UMMC, for which he has been denied admission privileges. Because he is not a permanent resident of Misssissippi, with an established medical practice, every hospital within 30 miles of the abortion clinic has denied him these same privileges.
         Physicians that have hospital privileges have to maintain basic medical standards or risk losing their privileges. Such accountability helps to assure a higher standard of care, than when no accountability exists. Admitting privileges are one way the medical profession validates the credentials of a provider and hospitals require medical malpractice insurance to grant admission privileges. Therefore, requiring a physician to have admission privileges is not a devised maneuver to close the clinic as some political opponents have claimed. It is a basic patient care necessity for health and safety as was explained in the legislation that was passed by the Mississippi House of Representatives and the Senate and signed by the Governor in April, 2012. This law was enjoined by a Federal judge and appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals which upheld the judge’s ruling on the basis of availability of abortion services--not patient safety.
         The Mississippi Health Department would do well to investigate the Jackson Women’s Health Organization for proper qualifications of employees, compliance with surgical center requirements, proper documentation, and safe care and follow-up of patients.

By Melody Miller, RN, BSN

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Kroger Community
Rewards Program

Pro-Life Mississippi has signed up for the Kroger Community Rewards Program and needs your participation.

          Pro-Life Mississippi would like to thank everyone that has signed up their Kroger card to help raise money for PLM. Since we first let everyone know about this FREE opportunity to help, we have made $182.08 in total donations from our people doing nothing more than buying groceries and using their Kroger card. If you have not already signed up, please do so.
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