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   Life Line
   PLM Ministry Update
   Year to Date 2014

  • Babies Saved: 32
  • Literature packets offered: 1,100
  • Gift Bags given to mothers: 32



Students For Life Seminar - September 20, 2014

40 Days for Life - September 24 - November 2, 2014

PLM State Fair Booth - October 1-12, 2014

OPERATION LET MY PEOPLE GO - October 15-19, 2014



Kroger Community
Rewards Program

Pro-Life Mississippi has signed up for the Kroger Community Rewards Program and needs your participation.

          Pro-Life Mississippi would like to thank everyone that has signed up their Kroger card to help raise money for PLM. Since we first let everyone know about this FREE opportunity to help, we have made $96.27 in total donations from our people doing nothing more than buying groceries and using their Kroger card. If you have not already signed up, please do so.

          Our supporters can enroll their Kroger Plus Cards online at Kroger's secure website, and choose “Enroll”. Within 7-10 days of enrolling, every time an enrolled member of your group shops at Kroger using his or her Kroger Plus Card, PLM will earn rewards. Once a household member enrolls his or her card, all linked Kroger Plus Cards within that household will begin earning funds for PLM.

          The process is simple: they shop, using their Kroger Plus Card, and PLM receives a reward check each quarter. To enroll your Kroger Plus Card follow the instructions below:

  • Register online at
  • Click on Sign In/Register
  • Most participants are new online customers, so they must click on SIGN UP TODAY in the ‘New Customer?’ box.
  • Sign up for a Kroger Rewards Account by entering zip code, clicking on favorite store, entering your email address and creating a password, agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • You will then get a message to check your email inbox and click on the link within the body of the email.
  • Click on My Account and use your email address and password to proceed to the next step.
  • Click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information and input your Kroger Plus card number.
  • Update or confirm your information.
  • Enter NPO number (62150) or name of organization, select organization from list and click on confirm.
  • To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see your organization’s name on the right side of your information page.
  • REMEMBER, purchases will not count for your group until after your member(s) register their card(s).
  • Do you use your phone number at the register?  Call 800-576-4377, select option 4 to get your Kroger Plus card number.
  • Members must swipe their registered Kroger Plus card or use the phone number that is related to their registered Kroger Plus card when shopping for each purchase to count.

Students For Life Seminar
Mississippi Leadership Summit

Who: Pro-Life College, High School & Homeschool Students
When: Saturday, September 20, 2014
Where: Mississippi College Clinton, MS 39058


Lauren Muzyka - Sidewalk Advocates for Life
Rebekah Chiew - Students for Life of America
Missy Martinez - Students for Life of America
Jay Watts - Life Training Institute
Dana Chisholm - Pro-Life Mississippi
Terri Herring - Pro-Life America Network
And many more...

Contact info: Missy Martinez -

Click here to Register

Watch for flyer soon to arrive in your mail box.

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40 Days

September 24 - November 2

          The semiannual 40 Days for Life campaign kickoff is just around the corner.  Jackson will join over 500 cities around the world to be a peaceful, prayerful presence in our local community in front of Mississippi's sole remaining  abortion facility.  From noon to 1 pm on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, an opening prayer service will be held on the public right-of-way outside of Jackson Women's Health Organization, 2903 North State Street, Jackson, Mississippi.  "These campaigns definitely provide the spiritual support needed to give abortion-bound women the courage to choose life for their babies", states PLM president Dana Chisholm.  "We have documented dozens of mothers who changed their hearts and minds and decided not to abort as a result of our prayerful presence during past 40 Days campaigns.  We have also seen prayer volunteers deeply touched and strengthened in their Christian faith by coming out to pray.  They realize they are truly standing in the gap while a life-and-death decision is being made."

          PLM encourages all of our readers to come join in this 40 Day ministry for life.  We are also prayerfully seeking a person who feels called to be the organizer for future 40 Days for Life campaigns.  If this speaks to your heart, please contact the PLM office.

Watch for flyer soon to arrive in your mail box.

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sf October 1 - 12, 2014
Visit our booth at the Trademart.

          Well, it's that time of the year again... Mississippi State Fair time, that is. At least for us here at Pro-Life Mississippi. It's time to kick things into high gear planning for what is our largest outreach to the community every year.

          Tens of thousands of people pass by our booth and many of them stop to talk with us. Many lend us a moment of their time to encourage us, and many more are seeking information. There's also a few who feel it necessary to inform us how horrible we are and that we should pack up and go home... these are the ones I like talking to the most; an opportunity to change a heart and the many lives connected to it. Occasionally we succeed.

          We also have pro-life t-shirts, abstinence jewelry, and other items we make available for a small donation in order to help spread the message. The PLM booth is a showcase for everything we do in support of life, and the results we've seen over the years have been immeasurable. The stories we've told in past newsletters speak for themselves: The groundskeeper who found a piece of discarded literature and it saved his grandchild from abortion. The beautiful young girl who talked to us because of her pregnant 13 year old friend and who took the purity pledge. The lawyer who opened up a discussion about “a woman's choice”.

          No one will ever know the full impact those who donated their time to working the fair booth have had on our community, at least not on this side of Heaven, but it's very clear we do make an impact. All of this takes a lot of work and dedication, but it's also very rewarding. For me, it's a time to recharge and in a strange way rest from what the rest of the year takes out of me. God never fails to show me at least a little piece of what we do making a difference.

          PLM is looking for volunteers to help maintain our presence this year. The fair runs from October 1st to the 12th, and we need people to staff several shifts each day. A good knowledge of Pro-life history, events, and information is helpful, but what is really required is a heart to minister. Please contact our office at 601-956-8636 or email for more information.

By Brian Alexander

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Operation Let My People Go: The March is Not Over
October 15-19

          Ever since our nation’s inception, we have struggled with some form of racism. Slavery and segregation are the two most notable examples. Much blood, sweat, toil and wealth were spent righting these national wrongs. Thank God, Americans in times past were willing to end these injustices.

          Many Americans remember the racism that led to slavery and segregation. Most, however, are ignorant of a modern form of racism. It is one that is far more detrimental than those previously mentioned.

          American's sensitivity to race was heightened due to the recent Ferguson, Missouri scandal. Our challenge is to discern between the politically generated, media driven, race baiting “industry” and the actual racism that has led to the death of millions.

          Fortunately, there are courageous leaders within the African American community, who see the modern form of racism for what it truly is—genocide. These leaders have strong ties to their communities yet the media ignores them. Why the censorship? Their message does not fit the liberal establishment’s racial template that views life through a Marxist, racial, social class warfare grid instead of a good vs. evil, Biblical grid.

          Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood often spoke at KKK meetings. In a letter to Clarence Gamble, she laid out her agenda against the black race. She wrote, “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through religions. We do not want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”


          Sanger made other outrageous statements like, “More from the fit and less from the unfit.” Of course, she was the goddess who determined who was “fit” to live or not. According to, in cities like New York, more black children are murdered by abortion than are born. A black baby is five times more likely to be killed than a white baby. Blacks make up 12% of America’s population, and yet submit to over 37% of all abortions. In the last 41 years, more than 25% of the black population has been decimated by abortion. Between 12,000-15,000 of 17,000 babies found in one California dumpster were black. It is by design and not by accident that the majority of abortion facilities are located in minority communities.

          On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States. Annually in Atlanta, GA, approximately 40,000 abortions occur; 25,000 against black babies. In Jackson, MS, at the last remaining abortion clinic in the state, more than 4 out of 5 babies aborted there are black. Every week, “legal” abortion kills twice as many black people than the Ku Klux Klan killed in its entire history, thus exposing the truly racial root of abortion in America. The wicked agenda against the black race never changed. All that changed was the methodology. Matthew 7:15 warns of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” deception. Under the guise of helping poor minority women, the abortion industry is killing, stealing and destroying. Abortion has reduced the black race to well below the replacement rate.

          There was no equal justice under the law in Dr. King’s day. Segregation exposed our national hypocrisy. In our day, America’s right to life has been violated. Abortion reveals this national travesty. People marched to end segregation. Consequently, the march for justice is not over. God’s truth must march on to end the injustice of abortion. The abortion/racism connection must be exposed. Dr. King declared, “Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children”.

          Coming up October 15th-19th, evening rallies, a pastor’s luncheon, visting black churches and schools, and activism at our state’s last remaining abortion clinic will take place as a “LET MY PEOPLE GO: THE MARCH IS NOT OVER” outreach to educate and motivate the Church regarding this calculated genocide of the black race. Contact the PLM office for specific venues and times, or to receive a professional packet as soon as it is available. For more information about this subject, go to and/or

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          ”If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

          American Chronicles 7:14 is a prayer movement inviting Christians to pray for our nation at 7:14 in the morning and/or 7:14 in the evening.

          In times past, when nations committed idolatry to the same excess that America is now engaged, the Lord lifted His hedge of protection and knocked down the walls of security and stability. Foreign armies were then raised up and were unleashed against the guilty nations. Can this be happening to America?

          What shall we do to change the dangerous course we are on? “IF MY PEOPLE!!!” Thus, every day at 7:14 in the morning and evening, the call is to pray, intercede, cry out to God and repent of the evil that has invoked His wrath upon our perverted and bloodstained nation. He is the only hope we have and the only hope we need. If God’s people will make this right, the Lord can deliver us from those who threaten us from within and from without.

          Romans 8:31 states, “If God be for us, who can be against us.” The reverse is also true. If God is against us, it does not matter who is for us. Please keep this in mind as we seek to give God a reason to show mercy to our nation just begging for His judgments.

          Set your phone to call you to pray with hundreds of other Christians, the “My People” God is calling on to cry out to Him so He will hear from Heaven, forgive our sin and heal our Land.

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Meet our new volunteer on the sidewalk.

Amber Dalton and her Children

           The first house Keith and I lived in after we got married three years ago was in Fondren. For those of you who do not know, Fondren is "Jackson's hippest neighborhood" and also happens to be the very location of Mississippi's last abortion clinic. We actually lived right down the road at the time. When Keith would take me to work every morning we would drive right by and would make comments before we left the house like "I wonder if any of those crazy people will be at the clinic today."

           "Crazy people" meaning the people standing out on the street corner with signs and pamphlets. Mind you, we were spirit-filled Christians at the time. We drove by the building where abortions took place everyday but we didn't allow ourselves to acknowledge the reality of it. We pulled the wool over our eyes and made justifications for our actions in regards to it. We knew it was right in our neighborhood, yet we refused to accept the responsibility to do anything about it. We figured as long as we did not personally encourage it, that we had done our Christian duty. Without knowing it, we had allowed our hearts to grow cold, callous, and apathetic.

                It was not until we moved out of Fondren when God began showing us our heart's true condition. One day we visited our old stomping grounds to put up some flyers for a show Keith had coming up. We drove past the abortion mill, only to see it decorated with signs celebrating Roe vs. Wade's infamous anniversary. There were two older men on the front lawn with signs that read "Real Men Don't Sit Idly By And Let Women Be Stripped Of Their Rights." On the way home I ranted to Keith about how I should make a sign that said "Real Women Don't Sit Idly By And Let Women Kill Their Babies" and stand right beside them. Keith was unusually quiet and as I turned to look at him, his eyes were full of tears. All he could say was that God had placed a heavy, heavy burden on his heart for that place. He wasn't sure what God wanted him to do, but he definitely wanted him to do something.

                After praying about it, Keith said God wanted him to go up to the abortion clinic every morning to pray from 6am-9am. I supported him, but I could tell my heart was still callous toward the whole situation because I was not burdened for it. The first day he was there when the killings were happening, he called me crying and told me he was talking to a woman who was there to get an abortion. He asked if I would talk to her over the phone if she was willing. I said I would but she ended up not taking the phone. After I hung up, it began to hit me. God began turning my heart of stone into something pliable, something moldable. I cried out to God for that woman and it was the first time I ever shed tears about the true reality of abortion.

                It wasn't until I watched the "Babies Are Murdered Here" documentary that I had a Revelation 3:18 moment. In the midst of the documentary, they show a small video clip of a sonogram as the doctor inserts his tool of death. You see the baby instinctively move away from the device, trying with all its might to survive. That picture will live on in my head forever, and that is when my eyes were truly opened to see the horror and injustice that abortion truly is. I knew I needed to beg for forgiveness for my apathetic response to this atrocious sin that I had dusted under the rug for far too long. I am so thankful that God showed me the reality of my sin that I had allowed Satan to cover up with lies and things of this world that do not matter. I pray God uses me in this fight and shows other Christians their heart's true condition like he did for Keith and I. We are both ready to go to war against the ruler of the darkness of this age!

By Amber Dalton


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Get your child a Pro-Life Coloring Book


          Pro-Life Mississippi is pleased to offer a pro-life coloring book to help you teach your child about being pro-life. The coloring book has 31 pages consisting of pages to color, crossword puzzles, word search, mazes, and more. We are asking for a $0.50 donation to cover the cost of printing, or you can go to our website and print each page yourself. To pickup a coloring book just stop by our office at 114 Office Park Plaza, Suite B, Jackson, MS. We will also have the coloring books available at our state fair booth.


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Biking for Babies returns to Jackson

B4B BFB 2014 Team NOLA:
Riders & Support

          On Sunday evening, July 13, 2014, Pro-Life Mississippi, in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus, hosted a dinner at St. Richard Catholic Church for an inspiring team of young people who are biking over 1000 miles from New Orleans to Chicago to raise money for various pro-life ministries. Biking for Babies made their third trek through Jackson in as many years, raising spirits as well as funds. "It is heartwarming to see the enthusiasm and commitment of this younger generation who uphold the sanctity of all human life," stated PLM president Dana Chisholm. "They are our hope for the future. They exemplify the growing groundswell of pro-life sentiment in the youth of America."

          The Biking for Babies team consisted of 5 bikers and 3 support staff, including B4B co-founder Mike Schaefer and 3rd year biker Cory Ross. According to their website, Biking for Babies exists to extend the mission of America’s pregnancy resource centers, by sharing life… happiness, friendship, challenge, sacrifice, and each person’s God-given purpose through bicycling and by sharing the stories of life from women and families across the country—with the purpose and vision to renew the culture of life in America.

          The main activity of this organization is an annual long distance bike ride that raises money and awareness for pregnancy centers across the United States. Young people, mostly college students or recent graduates, participate by riding hundreds of miles and raising money for their cause leading up to the ride. Since it's initial ride in 2009, Biking for Babies has raised more than $100,000 for Pregnancy centers throughout the country. This year's ride has grown to 3 teams, starting in St. Augustine, Florida, Dallas, Texas, as well as the New Orleans bikers, all three teams culminating in Chicago.

          "We have been blessed with receiving over $5,000 over the past two years from the Biking for Babies effort," stated Dana Chisholm. "This group is definitely helping us make an impact for life in Mississippi."

By Dr. Beverly McMillan

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2014 Walk 4 Life

walk Ashley
The Curtis Family Leading the Way Ashley Sigrest 1st Place Winner

          On Saturday, May 31st, 60 people participated in Pro-Life Mississippi's Walk 4 Life. Starting at St. Richard Catholic church on Lynwood Drive, the group trekked two miles to Fondren where Jackson Women's Health Organization, Mississippi's last abortion clinic is located. There they prayed and released helium balloons in honor of the babies who have died there over the past year. "It was a very moving experience," stated walker and PLM board member Patricia Frazier.

          After returning to the Church, the group was served a delicious brunch by the Knights of Columbus. All walkers received a "Life Is Precious" bracelet, and those who raised $25 or more in pledges were given the pro-life t shirt of their choice.

          "We raised over $3,500", beamed a very happy PLM Treasurer, Richard Miller. "Our thanks go out to all who participated and underwrote this event."

By Dr. Beverly McMillan

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Local Problems with JPD

          Many of you are aware that most of PLM's volunteers who sidewalk counsel have been harassed by the Jackson Police Department for some time.  Dana Chisholm, President of PLM said, "While we make every effort to abide by the law and police orders, it has become increasingly difficult to have a conversation with girls coming in for an abortion. All the restrictions have been on the pro-life side, while clinic volunteers are allowed free reign. If the situation continues in this way, it will make our efforts less and less effective." This JPD behavior has become so intense that PLM felt it necessary to file a lawsuit in US District Court.  Local attorney Steve Thornton, Allison Aranda and Katie Short of Life Legal Defense Foundation in California are representing us in this Federal matter. Life Legal Defense has graciously agreed to fund our Federal lawsuit filing fees and discovery costs which might easily total $15,000. They have requested on behalf of PLM a temporary as well as permanent restraining order to stop this abuse with actual and punitive damages and attorney’s fees against JPD and a citation of contempt for the City's failure to abide by the 2008 Consent Decree entered into by the City and PLM.

          This Consent Decree entered by US District Judge Barbour (retired) provided that the City and JPD in particular would treat prolifers the same as any other constitutionally protected protestors and as any other citizens. Also JPD would at least annually train their police officers in procedures to protect the constitutional rights of prolifers.  On several occasions when I have shown this Federal Consent Decree to JPD officers or supervisors, they have advised me that this Consent Decree merely states policy and has no bearing on whatever situation we are trying to resolve.

          JPD has recently run the gamut of constitutional abuses from requiring prolifers to keep their “hand-held” signs (a class of signs exempt from the City Sign Ordinance) off the ground by holding them on their feet, to stating that prolifers (needing to sit down because of age, heat, length or time standing or medical infirmity) cannot sit on the curb or in small chairs on the sidewalk.  Sometimes this resulted in prolife arrests.  Last December, Harriet Ashley was arrested for “VCO” which we think is “Violating City Ordinance” which may be “obstructing a sidewalk” and “DPO” which we think is “Disobeying Police Officer.” For the apparent crime of sitting in a small chair on a public sidewalk, holding her sign on her foot and reading her Bible, she was arrested, taken downtown and held in shackles for several hours. 

Harriet Ashley, Ron Nederhoed, and Ester Mann on December 14, 2013
were arrested for obstructing the sidewalk. Picture taken by Melody Miller.

          PLM is very grateful for the fact that Attorney Steve Thornton has donated much of his time pro bono to represent those of us who have been arrested.

          At Harriet's trial in Municipal Court on July 28, a JPD officer lied about the facts, the Judge clearly did not protect Harriet’s constitutional rights and exceeded her judicial authority by fining Harriet $1,000 and ordering her to stay away from Jackson Women's Health Org.  On the same date, 2013 PLM Banquet Speaker Chet Gallagher was fined $500 for “interfering with a business” in April of last year when he was arrested for preaching at JWHO.  Also, long time faithful sidewalk counselor, Roy McMillan, was fined $500 for an arrest in March, 2013 when he was charged with “obstructing a sidewalk” while sitting on a cushion on the outer sidewalk curb near JWHO.  All 3 were unconstitutionally ordered to stay away from JWHO.  These 3 cases are currently being appealed to County Court, where we hope to find vindication. The cost of each appeal to County Court is $1,283.50, for an initial outlay of $3,850.50.  The costs for bonding and Court Reporter transcript fees could easily cost another $1,500 or around $5,300.50.  If any of you committed supporters would like to help defray the costs of these cases in order to keep faithful sidewalk counselors saving babies and ministering to desperate women on the public sidewalks of Jackson, you can make donations to PLM and designate it for Court costs.

          In January, missionary Cal Zastrow was arrested for preaching and Rev. Doug Lane detained and threatened with arrest if he did not quieten down while they were taking turns street preaching.  There are too many instances of this JPD harassment to detail here but PLM believes we have more than adequate grounds to prevail in our Federal lawsuit. If you desire to see the Complaint, you may find the pleadings at the Life Legal Defense website at www.

          JPD has repeatedly refused to protect prolifers from harassment by others while exercising our constitutional rights. When a national group “Created Equal” came to Jackson in July, several JPD officers stood idly by and watched while a Fondren business owner forcibly took their signs off the public sidewalk and stored them in his building. 

Created Equal Justice Riders at the last abortion clinic in Mississippi July 17th
The Created Equal Team

By Ester Mann

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An Editorial Opinion by Ester Mann

          As most of you probably know, a female 3-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans recently upheld a Texas admitting privilege law which resulted in the closure of several Texas abortion mills. These female judges wisely rejected the “abortion distortion” that abortion providers should be exempt from the admitting privileges requirement in order to follow a potentially injured patient to a local hospital. Strange that there is no out-cry from pro-abortion women about men making “reproductive health care” decisions for women.

          Unfortunately, on July 29, 2014, a male 3-judge panel of the same Court failed to protect MS women from abortion providers who do not have local hospital privileges. One would think a prior ruling by a 5th Circuit panel would have been respected and followed as precedent. But, even though the judges on the TX case followed US Supreme Court rulings that increased travel distances are not an “undue burden” on a woman’s so-called right to choose abortion, the male MS panel virtually ignored this precedent and the TX ruling in their 2-1 decision. While I am not directly accusing the 2 male judges (one of whom is from MS) of chauvinism, I am somewhat perplexed that these 2 men think they know better than these 3 learned women. The feminine panel seems to me to be more concerned with protecting the health of the women who might conceivably be injured by abortion than being “politically correct.” The dissenting judge in the MS case seemed to indicate his belief that the other 2 judges’ opinion was politically motivated.

          The 3-judge TX opinion has been appealed to a future unset full court hearing by all 15 Circuit Judges. It is likely that whatever the full 5th Circuit rules, the TX admitting privilege law will be appealed to the U S Supreme Court. Also, the TX law has a provision that abortions may not be performed in TX after 20 weeks and that all abortion clinics have to comply with the same requirements as other ambulatory surgery facilities in TX by a September 1, 2014 deadline. Another US District Court trial has just ended (before the same local Federal Judge as the already-appealed TX case) where TX abortion providers are challenging the rest of the law including the ambulatory-surgical requirements and 20-week provision. Several more abortion clinics which apparently cannot or refuse to comply with the new am-surg requirements are likely to close if the Sept 1 compliance deadline is not stayed.

          On August 13, MS Attorney General Jim Hood filed a Petition asking the full 5th Circuit to review and overturn the 2-1 decision against our MS reasonable admitting privileges law. Hood wrote that under 5th Circuit panels' rulings in the Mississippi and Texas cases, "traveling 25 miles from Hernando, Mississippi, to a clinic in Memphis, Tennessee, is an undue burden, but a 150-mile trip from McAllen, Texas, to Corpus Christi is not. This result is not only counterintuitive, but also flatly contradicts the reality that the majority of women in Mississippi already travel to other states to obtain abortions."

          One Court watcher has suggested that the reason why the full 5th Circuit has not yet set a hearing on the first TX opinion which was made several months ago, is that they plan to hear arguments on both TX cases and the MS case at one time so as to not have a split in the Circuit. Please diligently pray that God will turn the hearts of these Judges toward the protection of His little babies not yet born and to their mothers who might also suffer injury at the hands of abortion providers who do not have hospital privileges.

          DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the view of PLM, its Board of Directors or any of its supporters.

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