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         Life Line
   Year to Date 2015

  • Babies Saved: 21
  • Literature packets offered: 300
  • Office referrals: 30
  • Gift Bags given to mothers: 21


Spring Banquet & Silent Auction - April 23, 2015

Pastors Luncheon with Dr. King - April 24, 2015 - Noon - 1:30pm

Church on the Sidewalk - April 24, 2015 - 2pm

Ending the Cycle with Dr. King - April 24, 2015 - 7 - 9pm

Walk 4 Life - May 9, 2015 - 7 am

Biking for Babies - July 12, 2015 - 6pm

Dr. Alveda King to Keynote
upcoming PLM Spring Banquet.

WHEN:  Thursday, April 23, 2015
WHERE:  First Baptist Church of Jackson, MS
431 North State Street, 39201
Silent Auction:  5:00 PM Banquet: 6:30 PM

Who is Dr. Alveda King? She is the daughter of civil rights activist Rev. A. D. King and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King is an amazing woman who has no need to rest on the fame of her family name. She is a voice for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. She sees the prolife movement as a continuation of the civil rights struggle.

“I am looking forward to spending time with the committed and passionate people of Pro-Life Mississippi,” said Dr. King. “My heart broke last year when it was revealed that 72 percent of abortions in the state take the lives of African-American babies, so I am particularly grateful for the efforts of these tireless warriors for life. I am hoping to return to celebrate with them when the state’s only abortion clinic is finally closed for good,” she concluded.


Dr. Alveda King

Dr. King is a former college professor and served in the Georgia State House of Representatives. She is a recipient of the Life Prize Award (2011), the Cardinal John O’Connor Pro-Life Hall of Fame Award (2011) from the Legatus organization and the Civil Rights Award from Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) (2011). She is a bestselling author; among her books are King Rules: Ten Truths for You, Your Family, and Our Nation to Prosper, How Can the Dream Survive if we Murder the Children? and I Don’t Want Your Man, I Want My Own. She is an accomplished actress and songwriter. The Founder of Alveda King Ministries, Alveda is also the recipient of an honorary Doctorate of Laws degree from Saint Anselm College. She has served on several boards, including Heartbeat International, Georgia Right to Life, MLK Center, Bible Curriculum in Public Schools and Abortion Recovery International (ARIN). She is also a member of the National Black Prolife Coalition (NBPC) and is a Senior Fellow with the Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society. Alveda is a regular columnist for Newsmax.com “Insiders” section.

Tickets are free, but reservations are required. An offering will taken to support the ongoing work of ProLife Mississippi. Underwriters and Table Sponsors are still available until the 16th of April.

  • Gold: $2,000 8 tables
  • Diamond: $1,500 6 tables
  • Ruby: $1,000 4 tables
  • Silver: $750 3 tables
  • Bronze: $500 2 tables
  • Table Sponsor: $200 1 table

For reservations, to sponsor a table or for more information, please call 601-956-8636.

By: Brian Alexander

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You are invited to a

Pastors Luncheon
with Dr. Alveda King
April 24, 2015

      Fresh Start Christian Church
      5210 Manhattan Rd.
      Jackson, MS 39206

      Noon - 1:30 p.m.

      Pastors and their spouses.

Luncheon is free
but you must RSVP
by April 21, 2015
by calling 601-956-8636.


Who is Dr. Alveda King?

She is the daughter of civil rights activist Rev. A. D. King and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King is an amazing woman who has no need to rest on the fame of her family name. She is a voice for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. She sees the prolife movement as a continuation of the civil rights struggle.

Copies of this flyer available as an attachment to this newsletter to pass on to your Pastor on Sunday.

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Church on the Sidewalk

Pro-Life Mississippi will be having church on the sidewalk on April 24, 2015 from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Please join us on the corner of N. State Stret and Fondren Place at the last remaining abortion clinic in our state.

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Ending the Cycle

Womens Conference April 24, 2015
An Evening with

Dr. Alveda King

The following panel of women speakers will address a variety of topics, followed by an open question and answer opportunity.

  • Freda M. Bush, M.D. FACOG,
  •  East Lakeland OB-GYN Asso.
  • Tanya Britton, BSN, RN,
  •  PLM Board Member
  • Stephanie Esco, RN,
  •  Director Women's Resource Center
  • Cycelia Matthews,
  •  Kingdom Vision International Church
  • Tina Carter
  •  Freedom 517 Council

Where: Crossroads of Life Church
             6775 S Siwell Rd,
             Byram, MS 39272

When: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Who: Women Only. Mothers are
          encouraged to bring their
          teenage daughters.


Dr. King is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She sees the prolife movement as a continuation of the civil rights struggle.

There is no charge for this event.
For more information call 601-956-8636.

Please download the attached flyer and share with your pastor and as many other folks as possible. Copies will be available at the PLM office.

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40DO 40DC
Kickoff Event February 18, 2015 Closing Event March 29, 2015
“Former Planned Parenthood workers have said that the no-show rate for abortion appointments goes as high as 75% when people are peacefully praying outside. That’s 3 out of 4 moms who never make it to their appointments because of your presence! “

     This year’s Spring 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Life began February 18th  and ran through March 29th, 2015.  This is a worldwide movement to protect mothers and babies from abortion happening in 252 cities and in 19 countries.  Mississippi has one surgical abortion mill, Jackson Women’s Health Organization  located at 2903 N. State Street, and we are praying that God will help us close this facility of death.  We prayed 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm during 40 Days For Life, however you are welcome to come out and pray all during the year and be a part of this great movement for Life.

    The 40-day campaign tracks Biblical history, where God used 40-day periods to transform individuals, communities … and the entire world. From Noah in the flood to Moses on the mountain to the disciples after Christ’s resurrection, it is clear that God sees the transformative value of His people accepting and meeting a 40-day challenge.  40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign with a vision to access God’s power through prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil to end abortion.It draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program:  Prayer and fasting, constant vigil, community outreach. 

      At the end of this Spring campaign, there were 493 babies reported saved worldwide.   Many Moms turn away and keep their baby and we never know.  We have had some come back and say “Thank you for being there and here is my baby that was saved because of you.”  We are the visible sign of God’s love and we want to share this love and hope to the Mom that thinks she has no hope. Abortion is not a safe procedure as some think, as it ends the life of an innocent human being.  We invite you come out to Abortion Mill and be that visible sign.  We will praise and thank God for helping us save lives. 

      Mother Theresa once said “I don’t have to be successful, I just have to be faithful”.  Prolife Mississippi is faithful and we ask that you come and be faithful with us.  For more information, go to www.40daysforlife.com or email us at plm@prolifemississippi.org or call 601-956-8636.

By Laura Duran

Proven Results

By the grace of God, 40 Days for Life has achieved a stunning track record of life-saving results since launching in 2007 and rapidly becoming a worldwide movement




Local Campaigns

Abortion Workers Quit

Abortion Centers Closed

Lives Saved

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foot2 2015 Walk 4 Life

Pro-Life Mississippi's Annual Walk 4 Life is just around the corner.

This year's walk will be held on Saturday, May 9th, and will again be sponsored by St. Richard's Catholic Church and The Knights of Columbus. We will meet at St. Richard's Catholic Church located at 1242 Lynnwood Dr, Jackson, MS 39206 at 7:00 a.m. for registration, and the walk will begin at 7:30 a.m. [Walking west on Lynwood Dr., turning left onto Manhattan Rd., then left onto Meadowbrook Rd., right onto Old Canton Rd., right onto Duling St., and left onto N. State St. We will pray at the abortion clinic at 2903 N. State St.,] and then walk back the same route to St. Richard's. There will be a water station at the abortion clinic. We will have a short prayer and release balloons in honor of all the babies who have died there from abortion. The walk is two miles each way for a total of four miles.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three fundraisers. Every walker who turns in $25 in pledges will receive a FREE T-shirt. BRUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED at St. Richard’s Foley Hall for all walkers and workers compliments of the Knights of Columbus. The flyer/pledge sheet is attached to this email and can be downloaded at www.prolifemississippi.org.

By: Dana Chisholm

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Biking for Babies returns July 12, 6:00 pm
at St. Richard’s Catholic Church. 
Join us for dinner at the Meet ‘n’ Greet.

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Pure Life - Pure Power Youth Conference - Pure Success

Wednesdays in February PLM teamed up with Crossroads of Life Church in Byram to host the “Pure Life – Pure Power Youth Conference”. God's enemies tried their best to destroy this very necessary teaching for our youth today, and we were forced to delay 2 nights of the conference, but we pushed through with spectacular results.

Many of our youth today walk down the path leading to trouble and heartbreak simply because they don't believe they are worth anything better. Kelsey Hall started off the events by blowing that lie out of the water. God used her speech on “True Worth” to lead one young lady to the Cross – We have a beautiful new sister in Christ!

Ashley Sigrest taught “Purity and Abstinence” and backed it up with her personal testimony. The truths revealed in this session were so powerful an entire room full of teenagers went completely silent. Even the crickets were quiet.

With the previous two weeks as a foundation, Brian Alexander delivered a teachings on “God's Plan for the Family” which is marriage, “Birth Control” so that when the time comes they can make Godly choices about family planning, and “Abortion Apologetics” so that the lies of abortion would be exposed, and the youth would be able to successfully debate their peers on these issues.

Angie Hammond connected all these teachings with a speech on “Covenants”. Not only the covenant of marriage, but also covenants of purity, faithfulness, trust, respect – all the things God has demonstrated to us through the ages.

We finished the conference with a “Closed Door, Open Forum Q&A” The youth were encouraged to anonymously write out any questions they had while the speakers held a brief meeting with parents. That meeting was vital for parents to become comfortable with the speakers, because they were asked to leave while the youth's questions were answered. ALL of their questions – nothing was off limits. We wanted to provide a good and Godly source of information rather than have the youth “phone a friend” or “Ask the internet”

The results were amazing – Nearly 200 questions were submitted! After skipping over the duplicates there were still over 100 unique questions that were answered, and that was after discussing these topics for 4 weeks. It just shows how necessary this event was, and what a blessing it is to our youth.

We have been asked repeatedly if there will be a repeat of the Purity Conference... ABSOLUTELY! While details are not yet available, Pro-Life Mississippi and Crossroads of Life Church are already planning another event this fall. All of the original speakers have committed to returning, but we are planning this as a one day event so that more youth can attend. Details will be announced as they become available. If you'd like to plan a similar event in your community please contact the PLM office.

By: Brian Alexander

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