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Walk 4 Life

Saturday, June 10, 2017
7:30 a.m. Walk starts at 8:00 a.m.
St. Richard Catholic Church
1242 Lynwood Dr. Jackson, MS

One of the most important (and fun) fund-raising efforts for Pro-Life Mississippi is the annual Walk 4 Life. This year’s walk is Saturday, June 10 at St. Richard Catholic Church. Participants will gather in the church parking lot starting at 7:30 a.m., and the walk will start at 8 a.m.

The group will walk to the abortion clinic on North State Street in Fondren. They will gather on the public sidewalk for a time of prayer and then walk back to the church (for a total of approximately four miles!) Details of the walk route can be found on the pledge sheet.

Participants can begin gathering pledges now. Download your pledge sheet here and start getting sponsors. Every walker who turns in a pledge sheet of $25 or more will receive a T-SHIRT! A portion of the money raised this year will help send Mississippians to the big national March for Life to be held in Washington D.C. this coming January.

After the walk, BRUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED at St. Richard’s Foley Hall by the Knights of Columbus for all walkers and workers. The top three walkers who raise the most in donations will receive prizes.

See you there!!


Trump Administration Names Neil M. Gorsuch To Supreme Court

Neil M. Gorsuch joined the Supreme Court on April 10, 2017, as Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, for whom Gorsuch once clerked, administered the judicial oath of office in a formal Rose Garden ceremony. Gorsuch becomes the 113th justice in Supreme Court history, filling the ninth seat on the bench that had been vacant since the unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia nearly 15 months ago.

Gorsuch’s nomination has been hailed as one of the most significant actions of the Trump presidency so far, and his confirmation will have profound implications for our nation over the next several decades.

Bruce Ashford is the Provost and Dean of Faculty at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he also serves as Professor of Theology and Culture. In a recent Fox News article he gave four reasons why American citizens—especially Evangelical conservatives—should consider Gorsuch’s confirmation a great victory, and why he might be better even than Scalia, whose place on the bench he takes.

1. He has a proven record defending religious liberty, stronger in fact than Scalia’s.

Two of the weightiest examples are Hobby Lobby (2013) and Little Sisters of the Poor (2015), cases heard by Judge Gorsuch and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. In both cases the defendants successfully invoked the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (1993) as reason to overturn the Obamacare contraceptive mandate, arguing that the mandate would force them to be complicit in actions that their faith prohibits.

2. He will interpret the law rather than arbitrate morality.

Justice Gorsuch—like Justice Scalia before him—rejects the “living document” view. He would refrain from the type of judicial activism that bypasses the will of the people.

3. He may be willing to reject unconstitutional precedents.

The most contentious debate, however, concerns the legal principle of "stare decisis". A Latin phrase, stare decisis means that judges should respect legal precedents by letting them stand instead of overturning them. It is important to note, however, that stare decisis is not found in the Constitution or the Bill or Rights; it is not the law of the land, but a “rule of thumb.” As Constitutional lawyer Robert McFarland points out, a number of Democratic congressmen have taken a sudden interest in this legal principle. But for what reason? There is no evidence that these Congressmen have an affection for the legal principle, in and of itself. They wouldn’t want to let Plessy v. Ferguson (which established segregation) stand, would they? Of course not. Yet, suddenly they are interested because a strict adherence to stare decisis might safeguard certain of the left’s favorite decisions, even if those decisions were unconstitutional or poorly reasoned. Justice Gorsuch likely would not adhere strictly to stare decisis; there is reason to believe he would reject the precedent of previous Supreme Court decisions if and when he thinks the courts have gotten it wrong.

4. No Need for Mullahs (an Islamic title of respect for a person who is learned in, teaches, or expounds the sacred law) on the Supreme Court .

Americans—especially Evangelicals—stand to benefit from Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation. He will defend religious liberty. He will confine himself to interpreting the law rather than setting himself up as a moral arbiter. And he may be willing to overturn bad legal precedents in which former jurists set themselves up as moral arbiters. In so doing, he will send a message to the political community that we have no need for mullahs at 1 First Street in Washington.

PLM President Dana Chisholm states that she is cautiously optimistic that Justice Gursuch will prove himself to be a defender of the sanctity of all human life, from conception until natural death. “I agree with American Life League president Judie Brown that Judge Neil Gorsuch will most likely prove to be an advocate for justice and judicial restraint on the court. I urge our pro-life community to keep our Supreme Court and Justice Gorsuch in diligent, persevering, fervent, prayer."

Pro-Life Mississippi to attend National March for Life 2018

2017 saw an unprecedented rise in women's marches in the United States, unfortunately advocating a pro-abortion position. These women came from all walks of life, marching in Washington and other major cities because they felt they were victims of injustice.

In contrast, Pro-Lifers have been marching in Washington on January 22nd for 43 years, protesting a true injustice, the killing of innocent, unborn human beings. Unfortunately, Pro-Lifers have never gotten the media attention that these pro-abortion women received this year.

In 2018, with a Pro-Life president, wouldn't it be exciting to see the 44th March for Life stronger than ever? That's why Pro-Life Mississippi is asking you to bring the idea of going to Washington in 2018 to your church, your youth group, Bible study group, etc. PLM plans to take a group to the 2018 March to represent the state of Mississippi. In fact, everyone who takes part in our Walk 4 Life this year will have half of their pledges designated to subsidizing this trip to the 2018 March for Life. If they can't personally attend, they can designate their part of the pledges for someone else’s trip.

Please call Pro-Life Mississippi for more information.
By Mary Trepanier, Board Member PLM

2015 Abortion Stats for Mississippi.
? Black Genocide ?

In 2015, according to the reports PLM recently received from the Mississippi Department of Health, a total of 4,272 abortions were performed on Mississippi residents. Of that number, 74% (3,140) were performed on African American women.  61% of the total number of abortions, (2,613) were performed in the State of Mississippi. Of these in-state abortions, 77% (2,020) were performed on African American women. You can access the complete Mississippi Department of Health reports on our website.

Changing of the Guard
Center for Pregnancy Choices Director Barbara Beavers Announces Retirement
As Satellite Office Opens In Fondren

Metro Jackson’s Center for Pregnancy Choices is currently experiencing a number of significant changes. As of April 22, the Center officially opened its third location, just 100 yards away from the only abortion business still operating in the state of Mississippi. The location fulfills a long-held dream of Barbara Beavers, a founding board member of the CPC who has served as its executive director for the past 25 years. Closing in on 30 years of pro-life ministry in Jackson, Beavers’ work has always included tending to the post-abortion needs of former clients at the abortion clinic, and now that the intervention piece is in place, she’s passing the leadership baton to Erin Kate Goode, effective May 1.

PLM President Dana Chisholm recalls the long history of cooperation between their two organizations. "Pro-Life Mississippi has been privileged to work along side Barbara Beavers and the Center for Pregnancy Choices for almost three decades;” stated Chisholm. "Her love for Christ and for the women and children of Mississippi has been a genuine inspiration and encouragement to PLM in our pro-life efforts. We wish Barbara and Erin Kate an abundance of grace in their new roles of ministry."

Below is a reprint of the letter Barbara sent out in the CPC newsletter this month.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

When you talk about doing something for long enough, the time eventually comes to do it. I have been aware for quite some time that the Lord was leading me to make a major adjustment in my roll as Executive Director of the Center for Pregnancy Choices, namely to pass the mission on to younger, energetic leadership with a continuing vision for ministry to the needs of the unborn and those surrounding them. A new generation must pick up the mantle and move forward. The transition is difficult and will foster many new challenges for the CPC, but I'm confident that Erin Kate and the staff are up to the task.

I'm not really thinking of this as "retirement", and intend to continue to be open to the Lord's leadership in ministry. My husband, Jerry and I have lived with a sense of calling to be available to His service whatever and where ever that may be. So trusting His grace and love, we plan to gratefully serve Him in whatever capacity He chooses in the days ahead.

I'm grateful for the honor of serving in this ministry together with you. Continue to pray with us that the cultural blight of abortion will end. God bless you!

Serving Him with gladness,

Barbara Beavers