PRO-LIFE MISSISSIPPI is an organization of diverse and caring Christians drawn together by our commitment to the sanctity of human life from fertilization to natural death.

Our primary mission is to reach the citizens of Mississippi with the truth about these life issues by providing educational materials, pro-life events and speakers and thus to foster a sanctity of life ethic in the state. Click here to view our Mission Statement. Click here to view our Statement of Belief.

What are pro-life issues?

Everyone knows abortion is a prolife issue; however it is not the only pro-life issue. Infanticide, stem cell research, cloning, contraceptive pills, abstinence, care of the elderly and handicapped, living wills, organ donation, euthanasia, and assisted suicide are all life issues. We hope our website will educate and inform you about all these important life issues.


Upcoming Events

Pastor for Life Mississippi Invites you to "Annulling the Covenant of Death"
Sponsored by Operation Save America.

  • Evening Rallies:
    • Location: Riverside Church, 1127 Luckney Road, Flowood, MS
    • Dates/Time: Evening Rallies - Sunday, January 20 - Tuesday, January 22nd 6:30 PM
  • Street Activities:
    • Dates/Time: Monday, January 21 - 8 AM Abortion Mill, University Medical Center Tuesday, January 22 - Noon Rally at the State Capitol Wednesday, January 23 - 8 AM Abortion Mill

Pastors For Life Mississippi invites you to the Final Day of Jericho March For Life!!! Saturday, January 26th at 9 AM

This is the first time the abortion mill has been open on a Saturday in a long time. It's a great opportunity for those who work during the week to participate. We will be making seven laps around the block where the mill is located. Each lap takes about 8 minutes. Its an easy walk and we don't cross any intersections. Make one lap or all seven! We will begin side-walk counseling at 7 AM. We are praying for a great turnout!

The abortion clinic is located at 2903 N. State St. (the corner of State and Fondren Place)

We are seeking God's help to stop the "shedding of innocent blood" in Mississippi. We pray that when the blood shed stops, God in his infinite mercy will send a spiritual awakening to Mississippi that will remove the "desire" for abortion from people's hearts.

For more information you can call Pro-Life MS at 601-956-8636


March for Life 2019 Trip


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Pictures from 2018 Events

PLM had several people request the ability to see pictures from all of our events on the website. Listed below are events we have had this year. You can click on the event to go to the page with that event's pictures.

"I Lived on Parker Avenue"

Get the tissues ready! It is a story of a young man and his adoptive family meeting his birth mother and father. His birth Mom, who was on the table at the abortion clinic 20 years ago, told the abortionist, "I can't do this." Click here to watch I Lived on Parker Avenue.