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(Stomatic Cell Nuclear Transfer)

So you want to clone your son and give him an identical twin brother? Here’s how to do it in theory. You take an unfertilized ripe ovum from a woman, and remove and discard its nucleus. Take a skin cell from your son and remove its nucleus.

Now, insert this nucleus into the empty shell of the ovum. Give it a few tiny jolts of electricity and with luck, he will grow and develop just like a naturally fertilized egg. If he is planted in a womb and all goes well, in nine months she will deliver your son’s identical twin.

A number of large animals have been cloned, starting with Dolly the sheep. Typically, in each case there have been hundreds of failures before each success.

These have included miscarriages, multiple deformities, sudden deaths, gigantism and more. Because of these problems, it is so far almost universally agreed that a cloned human should not be brought to term and delivered.

Human Cloning

Because of the above, two terms have been given to human cloning even though there is really only one type.


This is accurately termed research or experimental cloning. However, many scientists, eager to perform destructive research experiments, have coined the name “therapeutic” cloning for this. This is a classic example of semantic gymnastics using a false name to fool the public. There is nothing therapeutic about such lethal research. Accordingly, the very descriptive term “clone and kill” is commonly used.