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The first combination (estrogen and progestin) birth control pill was Enovid 10 in 1960. To reduce fatal blood clots and improve efficacy, the estrogen dose has been reduced from 10.0 to 0.35 and the progestin likewise altered and reduced. Today’s typical pills have three major functions.



“Emergency Contraception” Pills

We are constantly told that if a woman has sex on Saturday night and takes these pills on Sunday morning, she will then “prevent pregnancy.” In fact, there are three possibilities.


More Semantic Gymnastics

In the early 1960s it was determined that this newly available birth control pill would block ovulation and was a“contraceptive.”¬†
It was correctly judged that the public would accept this. But there was this anti-implantation effect also, which clearly was an abortion. They worried that if the general public found this out, the pill would be rejected. What to do?

There was a meeting of officials of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the US Food and Drug Administration, some drug companies and a prominent doctor, Alan Guttmacher. They solved this “dilemma” by officially, but very quietly, ruling that henceforth the word “conception” would no longer mean union of sperm and egg. Its new meaning was to be implantation one week later.

The word “pregnancy” was also a problem so they changed its definition from beginning at fertilization to beginning at implantation. Their stated reason was that her body was not pregnant until implantation.

Almost nobody was told about this then, nor do even most doctors know about it now, but this enabled the drug companies to call the “pill” and the IUD contraceptives. Today, using their new definitions, they say that the “emergency contraceptive” pill prevents conception and prevents pregnancy.

The obvious problem is that “the elite” say these things with a straight face, using their own definitions, while 99% of everyone else, including most clergy and doctors, believe “conception” and “pregnancy” still carry their traditional meanings of union of sperm and egg.

Pretty clever? You bet! To counter these misleading terms, pro-lifers should use “fertilization” not “conception” and always speak of“human life” not “pregnancy.”