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When you join Pro-Life Mississippi as a member, you gain firsthand access to current pro-life events and become an active part of a statewide movement. Your annual membership fee of $20 supports ongoing pro-life activities to advance a culture of life in our state. Join us today!

Local District Chapters

Exciting changes are coming to Pro-Life Mississippi (PLM going forward). We are moving into a State-wide Pro-Life organization, not just a Jackson area organization. PLM has divided the state into 7 Districts. Each District will be autonomous while working within the State By-laws for overall unified governing. This will ensure all 7 Districts are representing the PLM message to the local community and to the State Representatives and Senators in the Districts in order to be a unified voice for the pre-born in our great state. Each District will be able to initiate the Pro-Life events best suited for the District.


Do you feel God calling you to HELP? Not sure what you can do? Complete our volunteer form, and a volunteer coordinator will contact you.

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Pro-Life Mississippi does not receive any funds from the government. All of our funds come from donations from pro-life individuals and businesses. For your donation to go toward something special, such as billboards, literature, or benevolence, you can do so by writing in the comment section of the donation page.

Get more information about our billboards and see the current locations.

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Thanks to organizations like AmazonSmile and Kroger, you can support our ministry while you shop. Click below for more details.