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Pro-Life Mississippi Annual Spring Banquet and Silent Auction
Thursday, April 6, 2017
Keynote Speaker: Governor Phil Bryant
Silent Auction starts @ 5:00 p.m.
Banquet starts @ 6:30 p.m.
First Baptist Church of Jackson
431 N. State St., Jackson, MS

Pro-Life Mississippi’s annual Spring Banquet is just around the corner. Once again it will be held at First Baptist Church, Jackson, 431 N. State Street, one block from the state capitol. PLM president Judy Batson reminds us, “This is the largest pro-life gathering in the entire state. Like-minded Mississippians who believe in the sanctity and inviolability of all human life congregate here each year to find support and inspiration. We feel fortunate indeed that our keynote speaker this year will be our governor, Phil Bryant.”

Our generous underwriters have already covered the cost of the meal, but you do need to contact Tammy at the PLM office to reserve your place. Please email us at or phone us at 601-956-8636.  See you there!


Closing Event


Sunday, April 9, 2017


2:00 p.m.


On the corner of N. State St. and Fondren Pl.


Lent and Billboards $40 for 40 Days


So, if you are like me, you try to think of different things to do for Lent. Say an extra prayer, volunteer for an extra day or give up small pleasures. Skip that manicure, Starbucks or maybe a lunch out. A friend of mine gave away 40 pieces of clothing to the poor.


So this year, I suggest that you take $1 a day that you save from giving up those small pleasures and send $40 to our Billboard Campaign.



Why the Billboard Campaign? Because if one billboard saves a life, that's priceless. The billboard people have had so many calls from people who saw a billboard and told a sister, girlfriend, cousin or friend and a baby was saved.


We know the Billboards change hearts and minds and keep the issue of abortion alive for discussion. Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights and at the end he was tempted by the Devil 3 times.


During lent think of these girls and their temptations. We need to find every way we can to reach them. Billboards are a good way to reach thousands of people. One of them might just need our help. Young women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy can be tempted so easily to have an abortion. They are facing so much pressure. They think abortion can solve all their problems. Little do they know the damage that abortion will cause for the rest of their life.


Think about $40 for 40 days.